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Artist Statement

My mixed-media works are a blend of sound, photography, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, post-processing, and a variety of emerging new mediums. While my work is currently images or videos, I have goals to continue transcending my art to large scale installations, projections, and new media art experiments. To get there, I work towards physical art exhibitions, while growing a presence on social media & into the metaverse. I have a long term vision for building my creative legacy & have been creating as Shark for 10+ years. Here, you can expand each of my current pieces to learn more about them. By purchasing my work, you're supporting the birth of my next projects. My creativity knows no bounds & I love expressing myself through the art I create.



The context in which we view art changes how we feel about it. Because of this, virtual galleries are the most accessible way to view my work at a large scale. You can view these pieces & more from my metaverse location called "Remora Labs". Hit the link below to jump into our location in the Spatial Metaverse. It's completely free to use & you can join from mobile or desktop!

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