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An interactive website concept designed for Hydro Flask!

Continuously through-out my education and career, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to work along side highly influential and imaginative individuals. I firmly believe that as future creatives, we are stronger together than we are apart. The Bottled Beats project with advertisers Sydney Solis, Will McLeod, and web designer Austin Lavalley, is a beautiful example of what great minds can create when they put their vision into action.

Bottled Beats is an interactive website concept designed for Hydro Flask. The website functions like a sampler where users can perform with a set of Hydro Flask percussive sounds & themed vocal recordings, by simply playing on their computer keyboard.


Using a Hydro Flask bottle, I recorded various one-shot sound effects that could be performed thru the interface. I also tuned certain sounds using Ableton Live so they'd have more melodic content. In addition, the site includes various vocal lines that were recorded to deepen the connection between user & interface.

For recording the Hydro Flask, I used a Shure SM57, Focusrite 2i4, and Ableton Live 10.

For recording vocals, I used a Shure Beta 87a, Boss VE-20, Focusrite 2i4, and Ableton Live 10.

Screenshot_2019-11-15 Bottled Beats(1).p

Sound designer Cole Lakman and I produced 3 unique musical cues which showcase the possibilities of the interactive website. These cues aim to stimulate & inspire those engaging with the interface. Each can be previewed from the bottom of the site at any time.

Cole produces music in Pro Tools & I produce music in Ableton Live.

You can hear my 15 second music cue for Hydro Flask below!

Screenshot_2019-11-15 Bottled Beats(2).p

Enjoy this FREE download on over 100 sound & voice assets I created for this project!

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