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My NFT use-case on the Stellar Blockchain that grants access to exclusive music content, IRL concerts, NFT air drops, metaverse happenings, digital wearables, & much more. It is the ultimate club for everything Shark Anthony & the perfect way to support the audio/visual universe I hope to expand in Web 3.0

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During Year 1, each Glitched Shark was a 6 second GIF loop which re-imagined the original Shark Anthony logo from 2012. GSHARKS came with 2 off-chain access layers: One exclusive music drop a year, and one free concert entry per year. While these use-cases have been re-worked & remain, an outward expansion has begun. Original Glitched Shark holders will now have the option of burning their original GSHARK, mutating it into a custom made 2.0 variant of their choosing. All genesis Glitched Shark holders are encouraged to touch base with me on a variety of social media platforms to begin the mutation process in private.

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Today, Glitched Sharks are pictures accompanied by unique muses called Mermaids. Mermaids are fine tuned & rendered using an AI art practice called GAN. Generative Adversarial Network refers to a code-based digital art practice that functions through the computer's ability to create composite visual forms after the absorption of 'datasets' of imagery. Mermaids are different representations of an imaginary character from Shark Anthony's music universe called Veronica. GSHARKS will continue to embody their glitch art aesthetic that collectors love, while now adding a humanistic layer for viewers to connect with. There are developing plans to collaborate on GSHARK designs with new artists in the future.

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As still-images, Glitched Sharks will now have the fundamental utility of being jaw-dropping profile pictures on social media. They will continue to be the ultimate music access use-case for the XLM art community, but they will offer much more. Today, Glitched Shark holders have new access to exclusive NFT air drops, first listens, secret music videos, metaverse events, digital wearables, song project files, and much more through the projects wish list. Exclusive content is delivered & accessed through my Planet Shark community Discord server

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The Glitched Shark Project will now run parallel to my Forever Underwater VR gallery & metaverse space. We've already begun building an extensive collection of NFT art from talented artists on the Litemint marketplace. We achieve this through curation & our involvement in a variety of DAO-like projects on the XLM network. By building a collection from verified artists, we allow collectors an opportunity to learn about the Litemint community, while also granting ourselves ownership of unique NFTs to populate the virtual gallery space with. Sales from Forever Underwater store will earn us additional funds to develop & expand the Glitched Shark Project. Curated NFTs from Shark Anthony & the community collection will also be used in periodic giveaways for the community on a variety of social media platforms. Stay in touch on social media & within our community Discord server for updates.



Right now, my main focus is getting back in the studio to create new music for my fans, community, & holders. I'm running this project alone, which often prevents me from creating art at a frequency I prefer. I need a serious team around me if I'm going to take this project to it's next evolution: ocean conservation & marine life rehabilitation. Adding this eventual pillar to the project is very important to me, but needs to be done correctly, transparently, & with laser-sharp focus. I plan to hold related fundraising live auctions on Litemint using 1/1 works, but I cannot take the bulk of this step alone at the scale I'd like just yet. I need a treasury, fundraising manager, public relations specialists, and dedicated Discord server moderators. Between community management, creative direction, recording, engineering, visual designing, & traveling for live performances across the country... ocean conservation is on our community road map & I will work towards it alone for now as we navigate through 2022, but it's something I need help with long term if we want to make a larger impact. I want to bring you deeper into my creative world, and part of that means being able to focus my time towards creating the best art possible. I aim to scale the project in a way that is possible for me to manage alone while I develop my core team. I will continue to release new collections & 1/1 works while the GSHARK community grows in size. I hope to re-invigorate my Litemint Marketplace storefront with new NFTs that will deepen & strengthen my collector base. This is just the beginning of the project and I hope we can look back in a year to see major success.



Big Chase is an adult male loggerhead turtle that was found by biologists with Inwater Research Group at FPL’s St. Lucie site on March 13, 2021. The turtle came to Loggerhead Marinelife Center underweight. Radiographs revealed the turtle had intestinal impaction of crab shells and large barnacles. He was treated for debilitation and anemia and was medically cleared for release after four months of rehabilitation. Big Chase was outfitted with a satellite transmitter so biologists can track his progress post-rehabilitation. The Glitched Shark Project symbolically adopted Big Chase on March 17th, 2021.