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You can now own my original songs as NFTs on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Tezos, Polygon Matic, and Stellar!


You can also find these songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, TIDAL, Google Play, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and many more!


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a non-interchangeable unit of data stored on the blockchain, a digital ledger, that can be sold and traded. The blockchain keeps track of all transactions forever & cannot be altered. It's a new way to track ownership with absolute certainty. NFTs can be a variety of digital files such as photos, videos, text, and audio. Because of this, the potential is endless for creatives to utilize this new intersection of technology & creator economy. NFTs differ from blockchain cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, because each token is uniquely identifiable on the blockchain its minted on.


NFTs allow musicians and fans to redefine how we value music & the creative universes built around it. They're beginning to move music away from a subscription-based art form that services like Spotify & Apple Music normalized, and back into something that fans can collect, trade, sell, or curate into the future. As creators, the roll-out for a new song or album can now include digital collectibles for supporters wanting to buy into a piece of our legacy on the block chain. They can also be tickets to a concert, or a lifetime discount code to your online merch store. The possibilities are truly endless & continue to evolve as the technology does. NFTs remove the middle man of the record label or distributor, putting the artist in full control of their creative output & community building potential. For fans & collectors, NFTs introduce the idea that digital collectibles & merchandise are viable ways to support the recording artists you love. Song details & ownership are tracked on the block chain forever, creating a brand new ability to buy, sell, and even trade these digital collectibles with other fans in a decentralized, transparent environment.  


For now, I plan to continue minting a mix of songs from my existing catalog on a variety of blockchains. I've been carefully going back on all my music and picking my absolute favorites, the stuff I think is worth living on the block chain forever. Simultaneously, I've been minting some of the new singles I've released while working on my next electronic album that's been in production for 2 years now. I really want this to be my best work yet. The kind of project that takes this whole thing up another level. With my use of Augmented Reality, I've been creating & collaborating on exciting visual assets that add new ways of interacting with my existing music on variety of applications & social media platforms. So what really is next? Selling the best of my audio/visual works & investing more into the computing power & hardware needed to start DJing & Live performing in the metaverse on a regular basis. I believe it's the future frontier of live music performance & getting involved early will allow me to build up that veteran experience as platforms develop their features & capabilities. 


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