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Mark A. Manceri & Marcus Siniscalchi

-Sound Designers-

Installation, Fall 2019 - Fall 2020

Our loop-able ambient background is designed to play year-long at the SCAD Beach installation, located on the outside lawn of the SCAD Museum Of Art in Savannah, Georgia.

The installation also features work from illustrator Alexandria Olivia Hall & painter Britt Spencer. 

SCAD Beach is now open to the public until Fall 2020.


"An immersive art installation designed to transport you to a calm, restful place to relax, put your feet in the sand, and unwind amidst the sway of the palm trees, the sounds of the ocean, the camaraderie of games, or the participation in a yoga or meditation group, set in a collaboration of vibrant artist-designed objects."

SCAD Museum Of Art, 2019

SCAD Beach is my very first sound installation, so be sure to attend if you're ever in Savannah this year!

I'm currently working on my second sound installation with a photographer.

We're aiming for a Winter 2020 launch.

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