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A sound design library for music producers

SWIM GEAR has functioned as the textural glue on a variety of projects under my Shark Anthony alias for the last 2 years. I believe it's a great first dive for music producers looking to experiment with adding ambiences, drones, Foley, and sound FX to their instrumentals. It's also a great addition for any designer looking to add to their existing collection of sound libraries. This folder set has been my secret weapon for adding organic elements to my music productions across multiple mediums & I hope it can be of similar use to you. All recordings were captured at a variety of locations across Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. All recordings were edited at my home studio in Savannah, Georgia. All files have been labeled accordingly & prefixed with my birth initials. You have full control to use them however you'd like under Creative Commons.
Feel free to send me anything you make:



33 Ambiences. 7 Drones. 28 Foley Recordings. 32 Sound FX. 17 Bonus Sounds. (3GB)


Any amount helps!

Your donation will be used to help fund the cost of any future sound libraries & kits, such as travel costs & equipment rental or related purchases. Don't have PayPal? You can donate to me using Cashapp if you'd prefer that instead: $sharkanthony

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